[pmwiki-users] Title Spacing for pagelists

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at pobox.com
Mon Mar 6 07:54:52 CST 2006

On Mon, Mar 06, 2006 at 01:25:20AM -0700, Philip Stitt wrote:
> Hello -
> I would like to use (:pagelist group={$Group}:) in the sidebar, to
> provide a pagelist for whatever group the user is browsing. The problem
> is that some of the page names are very long, and it makes the sidebar
> inapproprietly wide. Is there a way to "break up" the names of pages in
> a pagelist, so that they are not one long word? (Just like the
> {$Titlespaced} function, but for pagelists). 

Create a custom pagelist template that uses {$Namespaced} and/or
{$Titlespaced} instead of {$Name} and/or {$Title}.  See
for some ideas.


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