[pmwiki-users] pmwiki-2.1.beta35 released, final steps to 2.1.0

Daniel Friedmann list at linuxing.de
Mon Mar 6 04:25:02 CST 2006

Hello Patrick

> As always, comments and suggestions are greatly welcomed.

My problem that I first mentioned on 10 February still doesn't allow me 
to update to any newer beta than 23.

After the update from Beta23 to Beta25 (or any other newer beta since 
then!) the link check in brackets for unknown URLs (I only have the 
German version so I don't know the exact wording) seems to be broken on 
my website spampal.de.

I uploaded two before-and-after screenshots so that you can see how bad 
it looks for me.

For the first time ever the navigation bar has shown this link check and 
even if I click on it and enter the correct password (in case of a wrong 
password the input box is shown again and again) the link check is still 
there and the actual link isn't visible or usable. I also reset and set 
new passwords to ensure that I use the correct one.

Unfortunately I can't use any newer beta online because the layout is 
too bad and I don't want to annoy users especially with lower screen 

Pm, please fix this bug before the release of 2.1.0 as it is definitely 
a show stopper for me. Thank you!


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