[pmwiki-users] Multiple Questions

The Editor editor at fast.st
Sun Mar 5 20:14:20 CST 2006

I have been working busily on my first PmWiki site and it is coming
along nicely.  Instead of finding problems the more I got into it, the
more impressed I have become with its simplicity, power, and
flexibility.  And thanks for all the help so far from everyone.

Here are some questions that are perplexing me, but which might be
simple for others:

1. Is there anyway to disable the message when using the redirect directive?
(:redirect PageName:).  I read a post here about some proposed syntax
change but it doesn't seem to be implemented yet.  Would be nice to
put in before 2.1.0

2. Is there anyway to link to a non-existant page and have it go
(create &) view that page, rather than going to the edit page? The
newpageboxplus script has that capability--but I would like the code
for a link.

3. Related question: any way to set a conditional based on whether or
not a page exists?

4. Any way to set a sidebar (actually a rightbar) to show up only
whenever the action=edit? I'd like a little markup cheatsheet down the
right column whenever someone edits a page.

Thanks again,


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