[pmwiki-users] Changed from one server to another: can't load authuser.php

Jens Schiffler jens.schiffler at gmx.de
Sun Mar 5 13:11:46 CST 2006

** Reply to message from Daniel Hofer <daho at borntofly.ch> on Sun, 05 Mar 2006
19:16:38 +0100

> I changed my wiki-farm from one website to another (same 
> hosting-provider), give 777 to all files, but it doesn't work.
> Have a look at 
> http://www.dokuweb.ch/farm/wikis/ontime_telefoncorner/index.php

Either remove one ../ from "../../../pmwiki/scripts/authuser.php" in config.php
or move the pmwiki dir one level up.


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