[pmwiki-users] Display a page depending on month

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at pobox.com
Sat Mar 4 21:58:56 CST 2006

On Sun, Mar 05, 2006 at 04:03:49PM +1300, Simon wrote:
> I would like to achieve something along the following lines.
> I have a page, say Page/CurrentEvents,
> on which I wish to show this months activities.
> Could anyone suggest a way of doing this.
> The page Page/CurrentEvents might look like this, say
> (:if date JANUARY:)(:include Page/January:)(:ifend:)
> (:if date FEBRUARY:)(:include Page/February:)(:ifend:)
> (:if date MARCH:)(:include Page/March:)(:ifend:)


    (:if date 2006-01-01..2006-01-31:)(:include Page/January:)
    (:if date 2006-02-01..2006-02-28:)(:include Page/February:)
    (:if date 2006-03-01..2006-03-31:)(:include Page/March:)

When we created the conditional date markup I had also proposed
that we allow partial dates, but others on the list indicated that
it had too much potential to be confusing.  If we did that, then one
could do:

    (:if date 2006-01:)(:include Page/January:)
    (:if date 2006-02:)(:include Page/February:)
    (:if date 2006-03:)(:include Page/March:)


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