[pmwiki-users] A (:pagelist:) quirk and a question

John Coxon john at coxontool.com
Sat Mar 4 11:58:06 CST 2006


(:pagelist  fmt=#clip group=MyGroup order=-ctime count=6 -Archives:), 
where #clip includes lines=4..13 from the 6 most recently created pages 
in MyGroup  EXCEPT THAT any page containing a wikitrail  = 
<|[[Mygroup.Archives]]|> includes nothing.


I can drop the '-Archives' from the (:pagelist:) - that's no problem. 
But in the case where a page in MyGroup contains 13 or fewer lines AND 
a wikitrail, the trail is included as a link to the Archives page (not 
as a trail). Is there a way to exclude that link from the include in 
that case?


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