[pmwiki-users] Making a WikiFarm field become a separate wiki

Neil Herber nospam at eton.ca
Fri Mar 3 11:26:39 CST 2006

At 2006-03-03  10:02 AM -0700, Bellave Jayaram is rumored to have said:
>Referring to the WikiFarmAlternative setup as described here 
>or any of the other wikifarm setups, let us say one of the fields 
>becomes big. Is it possible to take that wiki field and make it into 
>a separate wiki (meaning hosted on a different server) easily?
>I think the answer is yes but I couldn't find anywhere where it says 
>that on pmwiki.org. If yes, what steps would one have to take?

1) Set up PmWiki on the new server. Test to make sure it works!
2) Copy the local/, pub/, uploads/, and wiki.d/ directories from the 
field to the new server.
3) You may need to copy over any cookbook entries or scripts that you 
installed on the farm to the new server.
4) You may need to duplicate some of the local/farmconfig.php entries 
to the local/config.php. This is to carry over farm-wide settings to 
the new wiki.

I think that should do it.


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