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Mikael Nilsson mini at nada.kth.se
Fri Mar 3 09:01:30 CST 2006

?action=source is you friend. :-)


fre 2006-03-03 klockan 07:57 -0700 skrev pmwiki at ben-amotz.com:
> It would be nice to have the option to view wiki markup without editing
> it, just as you can view html source in most browsers.
> Users often edit pages simply to see the underlying markup, to learn how
> to achieve a result or simply as a quick reminder of markup useage.
> If we don't have rights to edit a page, we can't see the markup, and if
> we do have rights we'd rather not have to actually invoke them.  At the
> least, we inadvertantly cause additional edit history to be created and,
> at the most, we can cause a simultaneous edit loss.
> On other threads the possibility of being presented with an edit view
> only to be denied the right to post a save was raised as a side effect.
> Why not build that possibility into a feature?  Perhaps it could simply
> be another skin view, like the print view, which displays the raw
> markup without an edit action.
> Pico
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