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Robin Sheat robin at kallisti.net.nz
Thu Mar 2 18:34:35 CST 2006

On Friday 03 March 2006 12:31, John Rankin wrote:
> (after a small earthquake...)
Oh? You had a quake? The best we've got down here (Dunedin) is a damn cold 
early winter :)

> I like that "simple enough" -- so I haven't thought it through.
By 'simple enough', I mean that I won't be the one coding it ;)
But the principles aren't too tricky, just a bit different. Basically, the 
point to keep in mind is that the webpage can request little bits of data 
from the server.

> As I understand Jon's proposal, we browse a page, then we
> click an edit link the browser does a 'hide' of the page and
> 'show' of the edit form. So far, this is through a pmwiki
Well, my perception is this:
The user clicks 'edit', the browser hides the page itself (or doesn't, it 
could be a pre-preview), and then asks the webserver for the edit form. 
It needs to do this to get the page source, anyway. It gets this, and 
opens it up. Alternately, the server could send an 'enter edit password' 
form, which is presented. When the password is entered, it is sent to the 
server, which responds by sending the edit form, which replaces the 
'enter password' form.

AJAX is a bit more advanced than just hiding and showing divs. It involves 
actual requests to the server to get new data, and to send data. So you 
could hit 'preview', it sends the current text, and the server renders 
it, sends it back, and that is put in the preview section. All without a 
full page reload.

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