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Bellave Jayaram bellavejayaram at cox.net
Thu Mar 2 17:39:54 CST 2006


Are you saying that there is a link from the special field to each of the
other fields as in wiki.d/ of the special field contains links such as
wiki1.d -> ../field1/wiki.d, wiki2.d -> ../field2/wiki.d etc. or something

Also, is it possible to make the search work across fields that have Shared
writable pages as explained on


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> This application will have to be able to search accross fields, 
> so I was wondering what would be the most comfortable way to do this?

Well, it'll be slow, but you could try creating a special "field" 
in the farm that has read-only references to the wiki.d/ directories
of each of the other fields.  Searches in this special field would
then look through all of the pages of the other fields.

I have no idea how the .pageindex would function in this case --
probably not very cleanly.  It might need to be disabled for
this special field.


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