[pmwiki-users] Email notification on a page change

Susan pmwiki at onebit.ca
Thu Mar 2 15:28:36 CST 2006


This is more for an administrator who wants to know of any changes. The 
email address(es) are set manually in local/config.php . Well thought 
out, including "Wait (insert time) before sending" -- very nice if 
you're making a lot of fast changes."


Joachim Durchholz wrote:
> Patrick R. Michaud schrieb:
>>The downside is that RSS uses a "pull" model -- requiring that the
>>feed be frequently checked -- whereas many people would like a "push"
>>model whereby I'm sent a message as soon as the change occurs.
> They probably don't want a push model. If there are 50 edits for a page, 
> they'll get 50 mails for that same page.
> If I want an update every 30 minutes, I should configure my RSS reader 
> so that it checks every 30 minutes. If I want an update every 5 minutes, 
> configure the reader for 5 minutes - and, btw, mail readers don't update 
> more often anyway.
> So I think the push vs. pull controversy is moot.
>>It also seems to me that keeping track of watch lists and email addresses
>>is very closely related to managing user preferences, as in the
>>Cookbook.UserConfigurations recipe.
> Indeed. If a user account is available, there's no need for email 
> verification (assuming the email address was verified as part of the 
> user account setup).
> That leaves PmWiki with the necessity for mail verification though. 
> Which means PmWiki needs to know how to read from a POP3 account - and 
> administrators that wish to do mail verification need to configure it. 
> (I'd heartily recommend writing some diagnostic utility for checking 
> that everything is correct. Maybe PmWiki should even run a self-test 
> every day and mail a warning to the administrator if it finds anything 
> that's amiss - but I digress.)
> Regards,
> Jo

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