[pmwiki-users] Editing menu button placement (and bonus survey!)

Brian Teaman brian at popear.org
Thu Mar 2 09:32:48 CST 2006

Whenever I edit my standard vanilla flavoured instance of pmwiki on  
my laptop, the edit buttons are always just below the bottom of the  
screen. I find myself wondering why they can't be on the top, or  
perhaps both above and below the edit window. I always have to move  
down before I can click the save button. A small nuisance but since I  
repeat it so many times it feels like it could be done better.

Has this been discussed? Any reasons for or against it? How about a  
vote? No need to generate more mail to this list. Go take a survey!


Really, don't fill up our boxes with replies. Just take the survey  
(it takes probably about 2-4 minutes and I'll report the results  
back). Since I am a non-paying user, only the first 100 replies get  
counted, so vote quick if you want to contribute.

Brian Teaman

I have no connection to surveymonkey or pmwiki except as a user. 

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