[pmwiki-users] Actual status about subpages or hierachical groups?

Daniel Hofer daho at borntofly.ch
Thu Mar 2 04:27:09 CST 2006

Hello Neil

> I think you can do this with regular groups and an appropriate naming 
> convention.
> Rather than using another level for each company, name the groups 
> with the company name as a prefix. So  instead of 
> company1.faq.software, use company1-faq.software or company1.faq-software.
> The second version would allow you to control access by group (company).

ok, I've tested it, but...I need also access control by group not only 
by company.

I think the best for the moment is the use of a farm. And sometime it 
will be possible to define searches over all fiels I hope.

Thanks a lot.


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