[pmwiki-users] Accumulated Thank Yous

Susan pmwiki at onebit.ca
Wed Mar 1 08:58:29 CST 2006

Compromise between filling the list with "Thanks for the help. It 
worked," and not thanking at all.


For help with getting my RoseTrellis skin working: CSS, wiki-code, PHP 
in the template and PmWiki features (I smile every time I look a the skin.)

For help with custom wiki styles for my teaser text (I'll use it more 
once I get back to producing content.)

For explanations of four variations of the RecentChanges function, and 
help with a typo in my implementation (I'm using it in the sidebar 
rather than the template.)

For recommendations for PHP tutorials, (I've made it past the intro 
section of php.net.)

For demonstrating that no question is too trivial, no misunderstanding 
too insignificant, no request too obscure, no user too green,

And, for a product that anticipates my needs, almost always has a 
feature to do what I thought would be impossible (and the rest are on 
the todo list), and keeps to a clear vision,

Thank you!

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