[pmwiki-users] Putting ".html" extensions onto pages

Jonathan Scott Duff duff at pobox.com
Wed Mar 1 08:44:28 CST 2006

On Wed, Mar 01, 2006 at 09:29:58AM -0500, Susan wrote:
> Patrick R. Michaud wrote:
> > On Tue, Feb 28, 2006 at 08:42:10AM -0600, Patrick R. Michaud wrote:
> > 
> >>I've been planning to add an extension that will allow PmWiki 
> >>to ignore trailing ".html" extensions on pagenames, and to generate them
> >>on page links, but just haven't completed that yet.
> > 
> > 
> > A question for the list:  I'm thinking of setting the core distribution
> > so that it ignores any ".html" extension that happens to appear at
> > the end of a pagename in a url.  For example, PmWiki would treat
> > the following urls as equivalent requests for the Main.WikiSandbox:
> > 
> >     http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Main/WikiSandbox
> >     http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Main/WikiSandbox.html
> > 
> If I'm reading this right:

I don't think you are.

> I find a page I want to share with my friends,
> go to the top of the FireFox window,
> copy the URL :   www.asdf.jklsde/qwert/uyiop.htm
> paste that string into the wiki-code.
> The program will convert it to
> www.asdf.jklsde/qwert/uyiop.html

Nope.  PmWiki will do no "conversion" of URLs.  What Pm is talking
about is just making PmWiki ignore any .html suffix that might appear
in the URL for wiki pages.  So, if you want to publish URLs to your
PmWiki installation as 


or as 


PmWiki will treat them equivalently.

However, your email does twiddle my brain a bit.  Assuming for the
moment that PmWiki ignores a .html suffix, should it also ignore a
.htm suffix?  Seems like there should be a user-defined array of
suffixes to ignore.

Jonathan Scott Duff
duff at pobox.com

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