[pmwiki-users] action=autoedit

Knut Alboldt pmwiki at alboldt.de
Sat Jun 24 16:31:32 CDT 2006

Hi !

I'm looking for a function to change page-contents by a link-click (e.g. 
  Icon in a page-list): e.g. todo-list with a link / icon to change the 
status from "todo" to "done".

I thought about a page-link like 

so before I start to implement something on my own I rather ask: does 
anybody has already implemented something like this ?

If not, maybe I can get some support / opinions about the following 
thoughts abouts implementation:

all "editmacs" are just php-includefiles containing regex-pattern like 

action=autoedit will be processed like:

1) check edit auth of requested page
2) read page
3) do regex change on $page[text]
4) save page
5) redir to browse changed page

Do I have to serve any other functions e.g. like last-changes etc ?
which std-function could I use ?

Can I use the HandleEdit-function with some args to pass so that the 
Edit-mode will be left automatically and the ROSPatterns will be processed ?

Any ideas ?


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