[pmwiki-users] Summary line in PITS and Cookbook

Pico pmwiki at ben-amotz.com
Sun Jun 18 23:21:20 CDT 2006

Patrick R. Michaud wrote:
> On Sat, Jun 17, 2006 at 04:59:29PM -0400, Pico wrote:
>> The Cookbook and PITS groups both generate a "Summary: " line at the top 
>> of each new page.
>> In the PITS group, the "Summary:"appears as the very first line of 
>> markup on every page.
>> In the Cookbook group, however, the "Summary:"
>> (1) appears as the second line of markup: the first line is used for the 
>> style: >>recipeinfo<<
>> (2) does not appear on many older pages
>> (3) appears on other lines on a few transitional pages
>> It would be nice to get the Summary line to appear as the first line of 
>> markup on Cookbook pages.  
> Why is it important to have the Summary line appear as the first
> line of markup?

It only seemed important in the absence of the page variables you 
identify below.  If the summary information is available as a page 
variable, that is much better than trying to extract the information 
using the include directive.

> Note that in the cookbook,  one can already get the summary
> information by using {$RecipeSummary} -- e.g.,:
>     {Cookbook.RandomQuote$RecipeSummary}
> displays the contents of the Summary: line from the Cookbook.RandomQuote
> page
>     Insert random quotes or markup into a page
> As an example of where this is being used, see
> http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/Cookbook-ByCategory ,
> which uses (:pagelist:) to construct a list of cookbook recipes,
> using the Summary line from each as the description.

Are these only enabled within the Cookbook group?  When I tried to use 
them outside of the Cookbook group (but still referencing pages in the 
Cookbook, they didn't work.  For example, 
{Cookbook.RandomQuote$RecipeSummary} only returns a value when invokved 
from the Cookbook group.  The same is true for a pagelist that tries to 
use fmt=recipeinfo outside of the Cookbook group

If these are only enabled in the Cookbook group, are there any plans to 
enable outside of the group?  At one point, you mentioned in your thread 
"Want opinions on a new cookbook  recipe format", that "I'm eventually 
hoping to extend this concept to allow field-based searching of pages, 
it's probably better to prototype the cookbook this way.  If we later 
decide a directive-based form is better, it'll be no problem for me to 
write a script that converts them all at once.

Is that still in the works?

In case it wasn't clear, what I am looking for a way to be able to start 
making use of the structured summary information that we have (in PITS 
and) in the Cookbook group is formatting searchresults from pages on 
those groups.  If those groups have their own specialized fields and 
pagevariables that are not generally available outside of those groups, 
then that makes it harder to make use of the underlying information in 
formatting search results.

On the other hand, since we have the {$Description}
page variable generally available, could we have it automatically 
populated by script on pages that use the Summary: and related 
descriptive fields (i.e., on pages in the PITS and Cookbook groups)?

> At any rate, I really prefer to keep the >>recipeinfo<< lines
> in the individual cookbook pages.
Makes sense.


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