[pmwiki-users] Blog, multiple entries per day

Andy Kaplan-Myrth andy1 at kaplan-myrth.ca
Tue Jun 6 09:49:05 CDT 2006

I currently use Kind-ofBlog with PmWiki. Blog entries are on pages named
with the date, like Blog.20060606. Multiple entries on a single day all
end up on the same page, with new ones on top. This works for the
blogdigest, which properly shows all blog entries in a list. But it
would be better to let each blog entry have its own permalink, not only
to the day when it was posted, but to just that entry.

Here's my conceptual solution: Blog entries on a date would be numbered:
Blog.20060606-1, Blog.20060606-2, Blog.20060606-3, etc. The digest would
include each of them in order. The calendar would provide a link if
Blog.20060606-1 exists, and link to a pagelist page if more than one
entry existed for a given date.

Unfortunately, I'm a tweaker, not a coder, so this is beyond me for the
time being. Can anybody who knows KoB better say whether something like
this can be implemented? Would another blogging cookbook handle this


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