[pmwiki-users] PagelistTemplate format invoked from search action

Pico pmwiki at ben-amotz.com
Sat Jun 3 10:21:59 CDT 2006

I'm playing around with PageListTemplates that iterate over the 
$LastModifiedBy variable.  They work fine when invoked from a pagelist 
directive, but time out when I try to invoke it from a link with a 
search action.  See Test/PagesLastModifiedByYou.

Question 1
In terms of processing, is a pagelist directive more efficient than a 
search action, or is there some difference between the way these are 
processed that could account for the time outs that I am experiencing 
with a search action, but not with a page list?

Question 2
Is there something wrong with the way I constructed my search action?

Here is the background:
1. The PageListTemplate is contained in the same page that is calling 
the directive
2. The pagelist directive is stated as follows: (:pagelist 
3. The search action is stated as:  
4. The resulting url appears as: 

Here is the same info with specific details
1.  Test/PagesLastModifiedByYou
    contains the following template:
         (:if equal {=$LastModifiedBy} {$Author}:)
         #[[{=$Group}.{=$Name}]] . . . {=$LastModifiedHost} . . . 
{=$LastModified} (:if:)
2. (:pagelist fmt={$Name}#lastmodbyauthor:)
3. [[{$Name}?action=search&q=fmt={$Name}#lastmodbyauthor|Pages last 
modified by {$Name}]]


By the way, if you are interested, here is a variation of the 
PagelistTemplate format that could be included in your Profile page
  (:if equal {=$LastModifiedBy} {$Name}:)
  #[[{=$Group}.{=$Name}]] . . . {=$LastModifiedHost} . . . {=$LastModified}
  (:pagelist fmt={$Name}#lastmodbyme:)

See Profiles/Pico

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