[pmwiki-users] Image Thumb Link Capability

H. Fox haganfox at users.sourceforge.net
Sat Jan 28 18:08:52 CST 2006

An image gallery capability is obviously on the back burner right now
(if it's even on the stove).

In the meantime I'd like to see an author-friendly way to have a
thumbnail link to an image, then have the full-sized image link back
to the page with the thumbnail.

The syntax would be something like


What happens:

   A thumbnail is displayed.

   The thumbnail is a link to

   When a page is requested with
   ?action=viewimage&image=<an image URL>.
   the image is displayed, linked back to the page.

Demonstrated (sort of) here:


If this isn't a "quickie" then please point me to what I need to know
to try my hand at writing it.



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