[pmwiki-users] disable wiki formatting, plain text

Tom Carchrae carchrae at 4c.ucc.ie
Fri Feb 24 04:01:14 CST 2006

hi all,

perhaps this is a naive question, but i've scoured the documentation and
can't see the answer.

i wish to paste lumps of text into wiki pages.  i do not want this text
to be parsed by the wiki formatting engine.  i just want to be able to
display the text on wiki pages.


don't make some formatting
  assumptions on this
* plain text lump.

i have been able to do this on twiki using the <verbatim> </verbatim>
tags.  i know it is not pretty, but my other options are:

attach text files.  this is not a great solution either.

edit the text files so they look ok on a wiki page.

i'm hoping this feature is already in there, and someone can point me to
it.  otherwise, i guess i'll consider rolling up my sleeves and adding it.
it sounds pretty simple to implement.

thanks in advance for any suggestions,


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