[pmwiki-users] "Wanted Pages" Recipe?

Comit sam at usamedia.tv
Sat Feb 18 03:43:03 CST 2006

Nice :D
I added that to link to my wiki, thanks.

- Com | wiki.swcity.net
"Kurt Devlin" <kurt.devlin at gmail.com> wrote in message 
news:6ecb0dcf0602161000p7b2147catbd2c12cacc1f757e at mail.gmail.com...
I wound up forcing the form parameters onto the command line. My first 
attempt at this was using broken, but it looks like it's working now. This 
should get me by until pagelist is updated.


To get this to work as a wiki link, I had to escape the brackets. For 

* [[ 
| 'Most Wanted' List]]

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