[pmwiki-users] Visio Cookbook Recipe Problems

Kurt Devlin kurt.devlin at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 12:20:27 CST 2006

Thanks for all the feedback.

I have Visio 2003 and the viewer already installed and the embedded
functions work properly in MS Word. I've considered saving the diagrams as a
PNG or GIF, but the quality of these are still significantly less than the
original VSD file. The Visio HTML version is definitely nice. The ability to
zoom into the diagram and link the diagram shapes to other pages makes it
very useful. However this feature saves as multiple files and directories,
so it it is not useful for embedding into a wiki page. Also, our company
only officially supports IE, so we shouldn't lose any of our audience to
this "feature". Regardless, I use FireFox and the IETab extension and this
still doesn't work. I will probably wind up saving them as PNGs and try to
get the viewer working as a side project.


Embed a Visio Viewer 2003 Control in a Web Page

Visio 2003 Viewer

Visio Mime Type
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