[pmwiki-users] "Save as draft" capability

Roman romat2 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 8 05:18:44 CST 2006

Very nice feature. It'd be also usefull to have 'Save as draft and
edit' button. I'd use it instead of current 'Save and edit' button
because it makes more sense. Now if you press 'Save and edit' it means
that you are not ready with your edits and you probably don't want to
publish it (the reason to use 'Save and edit' button is  basically to
backup your edits). So I'd rather use a draft page in this situation
and press 'Save' when ready.


On 2/6/06, Patrick R. Michaud <pmichaud at pobox.com> wrote:
> I've just added a "Save as draft" capability to the Test group
> on pmwiki.org -- feel free to experiment with it and let me
> know if there are any difficulties.
> Here's how it works from an author perspective:  When drafts
> are enabled, a "Save as draft" button appears in the list of
> buttons.  Pressing this button causes the current text to be
> saved to a page that has "-Draft" added to the end (customizable
> by $DraftSuffix).
> Any subsequent edits of the page will automatically pull up the
> -Draft version of the page until the -Draft version is officially
> saved back to the original (via the normal "Save" button).
> The -Draft version of a page and its original source each keep
> their own histories.  When someone saves a draft back to its
> original page (via the "Save" button), all intermediate edits of
> the draft are recorded as a single edit in the original.
> The -Draft version is also removed (actually, renamed) at that
> point.
> To abandon a draft, simply delete it.
> This capability is still somewhat experimental -- while I've
> given a fair amount of thought as to how this might interact
> with things like edit permissions and simultaneous edits,
> I'm still working out all the details for it.
> At the moment I have no idea what sorts of problems might arise
> from combining these draft capabilities with other recipes such
> as comments, pmwe, emacs mode, etc.
> Unless we encounter major problems, I expect drafts to be
> available in beta23 (but it will be disabled by default in any
> event).
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