[pmwiki-users] Crazy problem with Site.PageActions

Daniel Hofer daho at borntofly.ch
Tue Dec 19 04:48:56 CST 2006

Hello everybody

for some weeks or months I have the problem, that my PageActions doesn't 
work correctly (newest version, with Monobook):
-If I click on a tab for Edit, History or Attach, it would open a page 
called "Logbook.{*$FullName}"
-If I'm on the upload-page,under point 5 in the description appears:
  View the {*$FullName} page
instead of
  View the Logbook page

I've consulted Site.PageActions from wikilib.d, there I found the following:
  {*$FullName} als reference

--> ok, I deleted all * (stars), and then it worked.
I edited also Site.UploadQuickReference and deleted the stars.

But there are several other sections with these stars.
I don't know from what they come.
Am I the only one with these problems?

I've just deleted the whole wikilib.d folder and copied it again.
Then I changed from Monobook to Pmwiki skin.
And I deleted all own Site.PageActions and Site.UploadQuickReference.
-->No change.
I.e. on Attachement-page it shows:
  View the {*Name} page or
  Edit the {*Name} page or

I don't understand.
What's wrong here?

I hope somebody has an idea;-)

Thanks a lot!


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