[pmwiki-users] BeeblebroxNetGila in FireFox & MSIE6

Donald Z. Osborn dzosborn at gmail.com
Mon Dec 4 10:51:31 CST 2006

Well, no useful information came out of that effort, unfortunately. The only
change I made to the gila.tmpl file was to add a script for a statcounter
(which has been useful, but that's another issue). Removing that or
replacing the gila.tmpl with the original, does not make a difference.

Nothing has been changed on the gila.css or skin.php files in the beeblebrox

The config file is a bit more complicated but I removed the last thing I
added to it, which was the XLPage script (on the outside chance that might
make a difference). There's nothing unusual there anyway.

Looking at the overall system,
1) the only big change was to add French language files to wikilib.d
2) I'm also in the process of setting up a numbre of wikigroups

The only new category of content is images
1) A number of ordinary maps and tables
2) Animated flag gifs from 2 sources (I've removed these from the server in
the process of trying to debug - may be silly, but as I wrote previously
this is down to wild guesses now).

I am trying to pose the question on a MSIE forum (easier said than done, so
far). But any further thoughts from anyone on this list would be helpful.



On 12/2/06, Donald Z. Osborn <dzosborn at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'll try that. I was wondering if a javascript might mess things up
> somehow, but removing one from the gila.tmpl (a counter script) did not
> make a difference, nor did removing animated flags from wiki page content.
> Other than that I haven't messed much with the config files or the skin
> files, but maybe I did something by accident without noticing.
> Don
> On 12/2/06, Robin Sheat <robin at kallisti.net.nz> wrote:
> >
> > On Sunday 03 December 2006 16:16, Donald Z. Osborn wrote:
> > > The thing is that the Beeblebrox gila skin on pmwiki.org displays fine
> > in
> > > MSIE. And it did for my wiki too until last month. Whatever I did I
> > can't
> > > figure it out (or else I just can't undo it). I'm not sure what I
> > should be
> > > looking for. I suppose I could reinstall the skin but that means
> > redoing
> > > customizations.
> > Can you not download the original one, and diff it against your current
> > one,
> > and see what the differences are. Then test them one at a time to see
> > which
> > one is causing the problem.
> >
> > Robin.
> >
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