[pmwiki-users] ShowHide toggle (:pagelist:) based on page title

kirpi at kirpi.it kirpi at kirpi.it
Thu Aug 31 17:30:03 CDT 2006

>>> Luigi:
>>> ...if I create a new page named Platters, save it, and later stick
>>> a (:title Doors:) title to it, there is no way to see it listed under
>>> D: it is only viewed as Platters.

>> Hans:
>> Could this be because of the caching of names in wiki.d/.pageindex?

> Patrick:
> Doubtful -- there must be some other problem besides .pageindex .
> Well, the easy way to find out is to remove wiki.d/.pageindex
> and see if that fixes things.

It partly does fix things.
As far as could understand things move this way:
1) wiki.d/.pageindex is removed, but no difference is to be noted on
the toggledictindex behaviour.
2) I open Platters page and change the (:title:) to something else
than Doors, save, then re-open it and re-set Doors again. From now on
*that* page behaves fine.
3) Other pages need the same treatment to be properly seen. Each of them

Anyway, toggledictindex looks quite nice, compact, and practical.

I also noted two more issues: firstly, it does *not* handle well
titles which start with a number (example: 1To1). It doesn't create an
index for them.

Second issue: I tried to include it in the page header, within the
skin template, either with the <!--markup:...--> or the
<!--wiki:SomeGroup.SomePage--> tecnique. They both do not work, in
that pages are open with the *whole* index shown, while it should
default to "hide". This issue does not appear as I use the markup on a
normal page, not even if I include it in other pages with the
(:include:) directive.


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