[pmwiki-users] action:editmenu

Sandy sandy at onebit.ca
Thu Aug 31 10:58:08 CDT 2006

Here's my solution, for a CMS style site:

A page available only to logged-in administrator, which links to all the 
site- and group-type pages, or at least the ones I've used. Saves having 
to remember them all. Click on the link, then edit that page.

Also, the default sidebar has a link to edit itself. That's how I found 
what that sidebar page was called. (Much easier to copy than to retype, 
esp since it's case-sensitive.)


JB wrote:
>> BTW, did you try the markup I suggested?  Would it work for your needs?
> Here is the solution I decided to use:
>     Markup('editmenu', 'inline', 
>            '/\\[\\[action:editmenu(.*?)\\]\\]/', 
>            '[[{Site.SideBar}?action=edit$1]]');
> So code like this now works.
>        [[action:editmenu | Edit Menu]]
> Thanks for all the help everyone.

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