[pmwiki-users] pmwiki layout using divs

JB jbit at ev1.net
Wed Aug 30 23:53:03 CDT 2006

> > Has anyone created a pmwiki default layout
> > using divs instead of tables?
> >
> IIRC the Sinorcaish skin uses nothing but divs. I've been working on one
> based on it (which I'm tentatively calling Sinorcoid) but I am not a web
> designer and I have not yet succeeded in getting something that has the
> features I want and renders correctly in both firefox and IE. *sigh*

I have already created a wiki with only divs using pmwiki.

What I was looking for > "the pmwiki default layout" <
using divs instead of tables.  This means the wiki would 
looks exactly the same as pmwiki looks when you first 
install it.

I have tried changing the <table> and <td> and <th> 
to <div> on a new install in the file 


and then tried modifying the css.  It appears I do not 
know enough about css to make it work.

Anyone out there a css expert could do this?

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