[pmwiki-users] Comments in page

The Editor editor at fast.st
Wed Aug 30 15:03:35 CDT 2006

Yes, I have mine working right now beautifully on my test site, but am
waiting till Pm solves the pagelist question to launch.  Also, I added
a few more tweaks to the recipe, and plan on adding a couple more to
make it even more flexible--including a way to copy and even format
form data--automatically. And I'm still bug testing.  If you can wait,
I'm pretty sure you will find the FAST Data forums are easier to set
up and more feature rich than any of the exisitng forum options.

With only a single forum.groupheader page and an identical groupheader
page for each forum group I want to set up (can use page includes), I
have multiple threaded, searchable, commentable, stylable forums
storing any kind of related information you want about each post, with
no need to modify a single config file, etc.  (Except to enable the
FAST Data recipe.)  And again, it is all fully styleable (using hidden
fields) within the wiki form itself.  Don't even have to edit css
sheets, though can control them there as well.  You can have users
choose a different color/style for each comment box!  Using page
templates, you could even let each individual member instantly create
their own forum--just by making a single link!

How about this:  On my site, each member creates a data page with
various personal info, including their email address. Then on my
forum, I have a dynamically created one-button sign up form that
automatically retrieves their email address, and allows them to opt in
to have forum posts and/or comments automatically sent to their email
address, or if subscribed, a one button unsubscribe option.  (Works
with external mailing software). They can also update their email or
other information at any time.

When the pagelist fix is done, you will be able to retrieve any
information about the forum posts you want to in your table:  thread
number, topic, original author, most recent commenter, number of
comments, whatever.  I'm really excited about that as there were some
things I couldn't show in the forum I'm using now.  It will also allow
things like pulling up a list of all members phone numbers in a given
state, or all the email addresses of individuals in a certain age
group.  Whatever.

I'd let you take a look but it's only working offline right now.  I
*may* be able to get it up this week.  But maybe not.  And next week
I'll be gone all week on a speaking engagements.  After which I plan
to set up a fully operational demo site.  I'll upload all my
groupheader's and footer's--and the page should just about create
itself.  Member registration, password reminders, forum's, individual
user blogs, instant messaging system, shoutboxes, etc.  Most of it is
either working now, or won't be hard, if I can just find a little


On 8/30/06, Stirling Westrup <sti at pooq.com> wrote:
> I've been following your work on the FAST Data recipe with some interest
> but I must confess that I'm not sure HOW one uses it to produce the
> features (forums, comment systems, etc) that you mention. This may be
> partly due to the fact that I've never yet needed to create a form in
> PmWiki and am not sure how they work.
> In any case, I hope you create a Cookbook.FASTData-Examples page at some
> point that shows how to use this (apparently very flexible) recipe for a
> number of different tasks.

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