[pmwiki-users] (no subject)

Ed Pantaleano greatjackalman at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 30 12:19:53 CDT 2006

This is my first time setting up a wiki, so I may be completely missing 
something obvious, but I couldn't find anything documenting this problem.

The wiki has had no changes done to it as of yet.  When I try to edit the 
sidebar, it instead brings itself to the edit main.homepage.  The wiki skin 
formatting disappears, and I'm left with a strange jumble of links.  First I 
tried using IE instead of Firefox, but that had the same problem.  I started 
with 2.1.15, but have since tried clean installs of 2.1.14 and currently 
2.1.13 and each time I have the same issue.  Check my site out at 
www.luminarias.us and try to edit the sidebar so you are seeing what I am 
seeing. Is this a config problem, am I missing a file, or is this a site 


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