[pmwiki-users] Great pagelist question...

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at pobox.com
Wed Aug 30 09:00:36 CDT 2006

On Wed, Aug 30, 2006 at 08:44:14AM -0400, The Editor wrote:
> After thinking about it more though, parameterizing $DataValue may be
> the best way to go, though I'm not sure exactly what you mean by it.
> I take it you are saying we can somehow set the page variables as an
> array based on Group.Name.  (Actually this is a MUCH better--as it
> allows much greater flexibility).

Yes, this is exactly what the Cookbook does, so that
retrieves the "Summary:" line from the Cookbook.XYZ page,
as opposed to {$RecipeSummary} which retrieves the "Summary:" 
line from the current page.  They're all held in arrays based
on the page's full name.

And this allows a pagelist template to use {=$RecipeSummary}
to easily grab the "Summary:" lines from all of the pages 
in the list.

I'll need to look at your code a bit more.  PmWiki's approach
up-to-now has been to store special values as separate page
attributes, to potentially make it easier to do searches/sorts 
and avoid re-scanning the entire markup text of each page for each
page variable.  But there's something to be said in favor of
scanning it directly from the markup for a given pattern.

I may also want to incorporate some ideas from the HttpVariables 
recipe, although I'm not sure I agree with the exact syntax used there.

> If I'm on the right track, then the pagelist template might look
> something like the following
> [[#forum]]
> (:data ={=$FullName} :)
> * [[ {=$FullName} | {$DataValue[{$FullName}]} ]]   // can you put one
> page var in another?
> [[#forumend]]

No, I'm thinking that the pagelist template ought to look
something like:

    * [[ {=$FullName} | {=$:DataValue} ]]

where the $: is a special page variable marker that says
"get the value of 'DataValue'" from the appropriate page.
Thus we have:

    {$:DataValue}           -- DataValue in current page
    {Cookbook$:DataValue}   -- DataValue in Cookbook page
    {=$:DataValue}          -- DataValue of current page in pagelist

BTW, this is a useful enough approach that I'm reserving this
particular markup for PmWiki to eventually use.  

And I should note that recipe authors should be careful about 
introducing too many specialized variations on the page variable
markup -- the core distribution may grab some of them for 
other purposes at some point.


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