[pmwiki-users] Has the 'DownloadManager' recipe has been marked "abandoned"?

Joachim Durchholz jo at durchholz.org
Wed Aug 30 02:31:27 CDT 2006

IchBin schrieb:
> One question I have about debugging recipes. Is it possible that I could
> use a PHP IDE that has an interactive debugger to step thru the recipe.
> I have not sat down and tried to do that yet. I currently use Eclipse
> PHP, PHPEdit and PHP Designer products.

I have a setup with the Zend IDE running off a locally-installed 

THe IDE is a lot better than print statements. It is sluggish, sports 
the occasional crash, sometimes it will confuse source files, and it is 
lacking some features - but it does work well enough.

(Anybody got something better?)


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