[pmwiki-users] Automated WikiTrails.

Stirling Westrup sti at pooq.com
Tue Aug 29 11:24:25 CDT 2006

Martin Fick wrote:
> --- Stirling Westrup <sti at pooq.com> wrote:
>> Thats exactly what I want to do. The problem is that
>> on a page named
>> StoryOne-04, I need to have a pagelist entry that
>> looks like this:
>> (:pagelist list=chapters name=StoryOne-*
>> fmt=#storytrail:)
>> How do I automatically generate 'name=StoryOne-*'
>> from when {$Name} is
>> 'StoryOne-04'? I thought I could do it with extended
>> page vars, but it
>> doesn't work.
> If you use the HttpVariables recipe, you can pass the
> StoryOne- as a URL argument like this:
>  ?Story=StoryOne-
> which you then can plugin to your pagelist like this:
>   (:pagelist list=chapters name={$?Story}*
> fmt=#storytrail:)
> Also, look at the DynamicWikiTrails recipe (not to be
> confused with the DynamicTrails Recipe which you are
> already using) for more ideas.

The plan is to put the (:pagelist:) command into Stories.GroupHeader and
I don't see how that's possible using HttpVariables. What am I missing?

I'll will go and check out DynamicWikiTrails though. I thought it was
the same as DynamicTrails...

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