[pmwiki-users] Bizarre AuthUser Behavior?

Michael Gleicher gleicher at cs.wisc.edu
Tue Aug 29 10:49:55 CDT 2006

OK - there is probably a logical explanation for this...

I have a Wiki that works great using AuthUser and a local password file.

I made another Wiki on the same server.
A totally new install. Downloaded a new tarball, ran through the steps 
of editing config.php and getting some favorite recipes.

It seems to be OK, except:
If I try to log into it, it doesn't recognize any users. There are names 
in the .htpasswd file.
OK, I probably messed something up - but there isn't that much to mess up.

What's wierder: if I log into my first Wiki and then go to my second 
Wiki, it thinks that I'm logged in and lets me edit.

This happens even if I log into the first Wiki as a user that doesn't 
have access to the second Wiki.

So, anyone who can log in to the first Wiki is logged into the second 
Wiki. But no one can log into the second Wiki.

So, I was hoping someone could help me:
1) with some tips on figuring out why I can't log in to the second Wiki

2) understanding why the 2 wikis are coupled - even though there is 
nothing in config.php that mentions the other.

3) have different sets of authorized users on each different Wiki (if 
this isn't possible, I'd just like to know that)



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