[pmwiki-users] Edit modes question. How to jump to end of textarea automacticly

Clemens Gruber cgruber at uni-osnabrueck.de
Tue Aug 29 10:33:27 CDT 2006

Bart wrote:

>Unfortunately still a lot of keys to press when using Firefox :-(
>Alt+e to go to edit mode
>Alt+, to jump to text area
>Crtl+End to jump to end of textarea
>So if anyone is aware of a faster way doing this feel free to share

Hi Bart, I've played around with bookmarklets inspired by 

Perhaps this can help you:

Create a bookmark with
- Name: Focus Editform PmWikiPage
- Location: javascript:if (document.forms[1]) 

This works now for a lot of standard PmWikis, with the same quantity and 
order of forms (in standard PmWiki forms[0] is the search form and 
forms[1] the edit form). Perhaps you can name the page edit form, then 
you can use a more unique identifier.

Or you can replace <body> in the standard template with
<body onload="if (document.forms[1]) {document.forms[1].text.focus()};">

In the most cases --I think it depends on the browser-- the cursor is an 
the end of the text in the form. I don't know any JavaScirpt code to 
influence the place the cursor appears and no command to move to the 
bottom, but perhaps now it's time for Ctrl.+End. ;-)


>Nevertheless the Crtl+End is  still a nice refinement of pressing the PageDown key which must be press several times when editing a extended page.

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