[pmwiki-users] Log Out Button?

Tegan Dowling tmdowling at gmail.com
Tue Aug 29 10:25:32 CDT 2006

Yep.  ?action=login and ?action=logout are both in the core, for the
last several versions.  If you're current, it should work.  So you can
have htis in the sidebar or footer:  [[{$Name}?action=logout |

On 8/29/06, Michael Gleicher <gleicher at cs.wisc.edu> wrote:
> Is there a way to make a link/button that "logs out" of the Wiki?
> I am using AuthUser (with a local password file, if that matters).
> I have a lot of stuff that only logged in people should see, so I'd like
> to be able to log out for testing, rather than waiting for my cookies to
> expire.
> Thanks!
> mg
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