[pmwiki-users] Re-inventing the Wheel?

Steve Glover steve at fell-services.net
Mon Aug 28 14:22:12 CDT 2006


I'm currently converting a UseMod wiki over to PmWiki (chosen because 
it's the most skinnable of the wikis that UseMod can be converted into).

One of the requirements I've been given is that the site should no 
longer "look like a wiki" at least partially to stop people trying to 
mess around with it.

I've managed to partially do this by using mod_rewrite to change the 
URL, but that doesn't seem to work for the second part of what I wanted 
to do - prevent users from appending action=edit or action=diff onto 
URLs (we don't mind them printing, or looking at histories) and from 
seeing the PmWiki.*, Main.* and Site.* parts of the wiki sections.

At the same time, I don't want to delete those parts completely because 
whoever gets to maintain the wiki will need access to an editing screen 
at the very least (and would probably find the documentation useful).

So, what I've done, and what I fear has been reinventing the wheel with 
added corners, is to break one of the cardinal rules and modify 
pmwiki.php and the config.php files so that I have two different skins 
available - one with a "wiki style" side bar with links for various 
actions, and another for "mere users" - with a whole pile of stuff in 
httpd.conf to try and stop them accessing bits we don't want them to.

This is so obviously wrong, that I'm guessing that someone has done this 

What I'd like to do is to have two URLs - one for the "public" wiki with 
available actions cut right back and no access to anything but the 
section I've imported from UseMod, and another password-protected 
section that can see and do everything as it were.

I'd be grateful for any clues, advice or help that anyone can offer.

Many thanks


Steve Glover, Fell Services Ltd.
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