[pmwiki-users] Form Input missing 4 types !!!!

JB jbit at ev1.net
Mon Aug 28 11:17:51 CDT 2006

> > No, because PmWiki doesn't provide any way for an author to
> > add an "onClick" attribute to those button types.

I think I just found a security risk.   I just tested this on 
a just now newly installed, non-farm, non-customized pmwiki.


To see javascript execute click anywhere on the table.

Table directives allow almost any attributes (I think).
I was able to get the onlclick() event to work when 
set in a PMWiki page source (below).


(:table border=1 cellpadding=5 cellspacing=0 name=monkeybutt
onclick='alert("hello");' :)
(:cell:) a1
(:cell:) b1
(:cell:) c1
(:cell:) d1
(:cellnr:) a2
(:cell:) b2
(:cell:) c2
(:cell:) d2

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