[pmwiki-users] action:editmenu

Clemens Gruber cgruber at uni-osnabrueck.de
Mon Aug 28 09:36:42 CDT 2006

JB wrote:

>Everyone new to PMWiki will certainly easily understand
>    [[action:editmenu]]
>but this url is confusing
>    [[Site.SideBar?action=edit | edit sidebar]]

I don't think so,

is on the first tick a little bit unordinary, but you know exactly what 
is beeing editing. an "editmenu" can be

Site.SideBar, Main.SideBar, <$Group>.SideBar, an includet page with if 
conditions (:if group PmWiki:)(:include PmWiki.SideBarIncl:)(:ifend:) 
and so on ...


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