[pmwiki-users] Ben : question about WikiFarmAlternative

Jean-Fabrice [gmail] jeanfabrice at gmail.com
Mon Aug 28 09:22:07 CDT 2006


I'm reading with attention your recipe, and I'm stuck on the
rewrite_rule you mention in order to relocate /pub out of the web tree
RewriteRule ^/pub/?(.*) {core_directory}/pmwiki-share/pub/$1 [L,qsa]

I was wondering how can it works since
{core_directory}/pmwiki-share/pub/$1 is a system path, not an url.

What I did it is put the following entry in the apache conf file of the farm :
AliasMatch ^/pub/?(.*) {core_directory}/pmwiki-share/pub/$1
...but I don't see the real difference with having /pub located under
the farm web root ({core_directory}/pmwiki-latest) and $FarmPubDirUrl
correctly defined.

Is there anything I did wrong ?


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