[pmwiki-users] FAST Data v1.1 just released

The Editor editor at fast.st
Mon Aug 28 06:47:45 CDT 2006

Just released a slight revision to the FAST Data project.  v 1.1 includes:

* Several minor improvements including improved page formatting--now
sets author and time, and in right order!
* Added DataNotes to allow you to pass field variables to the next page.
* LogCounts allowing you to set numbered anchors to each log post.
This will prepare the way for an add-on recipe later allowing
individual data logs to be manipulated
* Added a special NextPage shortcut allowing you to use the input
value of another field to set the nextpage variable page "name", in
another group.
* Rewrote the newmember account creation process using cases in
required fields. Unfortunately, this version will not work with
existing new member registration forms.
* Added an optional passcode to the read function, and set it up to
easily make it a separate recipe. This is useful for those who want
secure data reading sitewide, but only want to allow data writing on
specified pages.


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