[pmwiki-users] Google Analytics

Jean DEMARTINI jean.d.demartini at wanadoo.fr
Mon Aug 28 05:22:54 CDT 2006

Patrick R. Michaud a écrit :
> On Wed, Aug 23, 2006 at 01:13:53PM -0400, Alan Hoyle wrote:
>> OK, I'm in agreement as long as someone can point me to the "google
>> analytics recipe."  Googling for "pmwiki google analytics recipe"
>> didn't turn it up.  ;-)

The recipe causes the Google Analytics script to be included in the 
header of the page as Google Analytics seems to require that this script 
has to be included at the end of the content just before the </body> 
ending tag.

Presently, I have just open an GA account and included the GA script in 
my template. I have verified that the script is properly placed but no 
counting is reported. Too early ?

To open then parametirize a GA account is much more complicated than to 
include the script part in the config.php file or in the HTML template. 
Then a recipe is probably (IMHO) the best solution.


> Probably because Google hasn't indexed the recipe yet.
> Sometimes it takes a week or two before Googlebot finds
> the page.
> However, searching for "google analytics" on pmwiki.org
> *does* work.  :-)
> Pm

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