[pmwiki-users] modifying the page .... doesn't exist behaviour

mike moller mike.moller at gmail.com
Mon Aug 28 04:21:28 CDT 2006

Hi all
here's an issue that rather flies in the face of the normal wiki practice of
encouraging users to contribute by tossing them into page edit when they hit
on a link to a page that doesn't exist but .... well ... here goes :-)

situation: I have a resonably normally behaved PmWiki running with a FixFlow
skin on a small intranet. It's purpose is to provide a vehicle for the
maintenance by naive users of pages that form part of a website out in the
wilds of the internet. As and when required pages are transferred to the
public website using ftp by the system administrator (me).  On the public
website nothing is editable - that's achieved by a brute force method in the
local/config.php (for the curious the following is activated by a piece of
host server aware code  - $HandleActions['edit'] = 'HandleBrowse' ; - that
stops editing in it's tracks everywhere! :-)

In the case of links to non-existent pages the possible confusion of the
question mark has been eliminated using the RemoveQuestionMark recipe
however that's still left me with a problem

If a browsing user hits on such a link they end up with the opening dialogue
page about "the page .... doesn't exist" with its invitiation to create the
page and pop it into edit mode. The latter of course doesn't happen, due to
the brute force fix above, so they end up marooned browsing on "the page
.... doesn't exist".

>From my point of view a more elegant solution would be for the original link
(from which the question mark has been removed) to simply not be a link at
all on my public site. Obviously the process that creates the HTML page to
serve up to a browser is clever enough to distinguish these cases from links
to real pages (otherwise it would never have been able to put up the now
eliminated question mark?) I'd like to find a way to have that particular
piece of logic bypass creating a link altogether.

Unfortunately my personal knowledge of both PmWiki and PHP is too narrow at
this stage to figure out how to tackle this one. Can anyone point me in the
right direction, please? If a recipe exisit already that would be great but
I'm more than happy to start from an outline of a solution and see if I can
work it up from there.

Thank you

Mike Moller
Lallybroch Alpacas
New Zealand
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