[pmwiki-users] wikifarm question -- Farm:FieldName markup

Pico pmwiki at ben-amotz.com
Sun Aug 27 21:19:26 CDT 2006

John Rankin wrote:
> First, thanks to Pm for adding a $LocalDir variable.
> If we introduce a local customisation to add 
>     Farm:Field1(/GroupA(/PageB)?)? markup 
> is that likely to conflict with anything?
> The intention is to streamline the process of adding new 
> fields to a wikifarm, when all fields are part of the same 
> url, such as www.mydomain.net/Field1/GroupA/PageB
> a. a Site.WikiFarm page will list fields (using
>    Farm:Field markup) and behave like ApprovedUrls and
>    InterMap -- if the field is on the page, any field
>    on the farm can use Farm:FieldName to refer to it
> b. adding a new field consists of:
> -- Site.WikiFarm has a one field form (password protected)
>    Add field: [                ] ( OK )
> -- adding a field adds a link to [[(Farm:)Field Name]] and
>    a custom $LinkFunctions['Farm:'] renders it, in much the
>    same way as $LinkFunctions['Attach:']
> -- following the link from Site.WikiFarm takes you to the
>    default page of the new field and creates Field.wiki.d
>    and Field.local directories
> c. Farm:Field/Group/Page behaves like Group/Page -- if
>    Group/Page exists, you get a view link; if it doesn't,
>    you get an edit link; if the field is undefined, you get
>    the bare link text (perhaps with an 'add field' link)
> d. the url includes a <prefix>FieldName, such as
>    http://www.example.com/~FieldA/Group/Page
>      (prefix='~')
>    http://www.example.com/wikifarm/FieldA/index.php?n=Group.Page
>      (prefix='wikifarm/')
> As far as I can see, this should all be fairly straightforward.
> The likely directory structure is:
> wikifarm/
>     index.php
>     local/
>         FieldA.local/
>         ...
>     FieldA.wiki.d/
>     FieldA.uploads/
>     ...
> wiki/
>     pmwiki.php
>     ...
> Comments and suggestions welcome.

Are fields destined to become the new groups?

Will fields become another level in our flatland?

Will newcomers look and see a three level hierarchy, the same way (some) 
look at groups and see a two level hierarchy?


P.S. I am excited that we are in this time of using pages to do more 
configuration: PagelLisTemplates, CSSInWikiPages, and now this (can we 
work 4H into the recipe title, or is that only in the U.S.A., the 
agricultural club for kids).

What's next, a Site.Config page whose content is included in the array 
of config.php files, to let you enable and disable settings, change 
skins, and add or remove available recipes?

"Yes, please."

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