[pmwiki-users] Commercialism in PmWiki

Clemens Gruber cgruber at uni-osnabrueck.de
Sun Aug 27 06:51:18 CDT 2006

Neil Herber wrote:

>However, the client is now talking about using a commercial product 
>because it is "supported" by an organization and is not just some guy 
>in his garage. I am pretty sure that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs 
>started their companies in garages, so I don't see the problem - 
>especially if you have the source!
>And of course the security concerns are now buried under assurances 
>from the commercial vendor that the software is secure, since the 
>end-user no longer has access to the source.

Hi Neil, this is a nice story. Let me tell you another, its right life,
no a fairy tale.

We hade a commercial software with support, with money for the use (per
year) and the support. Then we would like to use another software for
another thing and some people said "oh it's open source, who can do
reliable support, what is, when the leading guru is run over by a
tramway". Then - some months ago - the company form the first software
declare bankruptcy. There was overnight no support. Even if we would do
changes or bugfixes by oneself, we were not allowed to do this because
of copyrigh violations. Now the same folks say "oh, open source, great,
we have support by a community, we can do changes and adapt things, and
we can reduce expenses".


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