[pmwiki-users] CSS in Wiki Pages: new stylepage.php

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Sat Aug 26 10:28:12 CDT 2006

In case someone overlooked this in another thread:
The stylepage.php recipe from
has had a total overhaul with the help of input from
the list and some clever caching code from Pm.

Now you can use wiki pages for your css code, so you can easily change
it on the fly, and the script caches the page as a Group.Name.css page
in pub/cache/ directory, and loads the css page via standard HTML
link syntax, so the css code does not appear as part of $HTMLStyleFmt
in the header. This will make loading css from wiki pages loads

The caching part of the script has also an additional safety
feature which prevents read protected style pages from being cached
(and thus accessible to an ingenious inquirer, because they are under
the pub/ folder).

As default, only style pages kept in the $SiteGroup group will be
used, which again is a safety feature, because $SiteGroup pages enjoy
better protection/ have only admin access by default.

There are a few variables with which to change the defaults easily.


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