[pmwiki-users] Converting or exporting pmwiki data

EuGeNe eugene at boardkulture.com
Fri Aug 25 21:14:56 CDT 2006

Hsing-Foo Wang wrote:
> This question popped up for collecting/searching/modifying data with
> pmwiki is powerfull, what if somebody 'above' me decides to use
> another tool? Does this mean trouble?

Database are a lot more structuring than wikis are, but if you don't ask 
more from the database (initially at least) than you would PmWiki it is 
extremely easy to import/convert PmWiki content into anything. Just walk 
the wiki.d directory (or any other depending on your setup) open every 
file in there, read the content (file format fully documented) and do 
what you have to do. It always sounds easier on paper than in real life 
(e.g. when you start addressing the markup issue, should it be dealt 
with at conversion time or in the new system [1]) but I don't see it as 
a show stopper.

Using PmWiki (or any other wiki in that matter) is a great way to let an 
organization figure out organically what it needs and how structured the 
information it relies on/produces etc. needs to be.

http://www.3kwa.com - PmWiki based ajaxified bliki ;)

[1] when I was happy with the Logbook recipe, I converted blog entries 
from 2 distincts blog systems (one MySQL driven on flat file based) into 
PmWiki. My choice was to render as html before importing into PmWiki and 
make PmWiki deal with html ... could be done the other way around (not 
sure how easily though).

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