[pmwiki-users] Announcing 1.0 release--FAST Data project

The Editor editor at fast.st
Fri Aug 25 17:28:15 CDT 2006

Hi all,

Just wanted to announce the release of the FAST Data project, ver 1.0.
 It finally has all the features I want (about all I can think of!),
and I'm ready to take a break from development.  From now on I'll just
be fixing bugs and trying to provide support.

I have all the latest documentation up and am right now uploading the
script.  Thanks especially to Pm (but also to others) for many, many
helpful tips on this recipe. They were greatly appreciated!

Here's a list of basic features:

Extremely flexible Data saving and retrieving
Data logging, append or prepend (for commenting)
Page name enumerator (for numbered threads)
Full email capabilities
Can set page titles (for pagelists)
Counter field (for tracking number of comments)
Security safeguards throughout the recipe
New select and textarea markup allowing retrievable default values
Powerful new member account creation and login/authentication
Full messaging system for debugging (errors and success messages)
Required fields checking with easy regex extensibility
More effective data encoding and decoding
Delete data values, logs, and/or data pages

In case you haven't looked at it yet, this recipe makes so many things
*REALLY* easy.  Password reminders. Threaded forums.  Individual user
blogs.  Whatever.  Just about anything you can think of you would want
to do in a form--all with flat files, and wiki editable.

Please let me know if anyone finds any bugs or has additional
suggestions.  I'll probably be taking the weekend off though!


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