[pmwiki-users] page redirection glitch

Dominique Faure dominique.faure at gmail.com
Fri Aug 25 10:46:45 CDT 2006


When using page redirection with the (:redirect:) page directive or
the 'from=' url argument, the destination page get prefixed with the
$PageRedirectFmt variable content aka "redirected from ..." followed
by a link to edit the original page.

The following code (in config.php) allow this edit link to be replaced
by a browse only one, if the user as no edit rights on the original

if(@$_GET['from']) {
  if(!(boolean)RetrieveAuthPage($_GET['from'], 'edit', false, READPAGE_CURRENT))
    $PageRedirectFmt = FmtPageName("<p><i>($[redirected from] <a rel='nofollow'
 href='{\$PageUrl}'>{\$FullName}</a>)</i></p>\$HTMLVSpace\n", $_GET['from']);

Couldn't this feature be incorporated into the core?


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